The Tactical Cognition Approach to Conflict Dominance






Who We Are.



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TactiCog LLC began around 1997 by exploring an instructional procedure traditional to a small handful of martial arts, relying on experience from a lengthy teaching career.


This combined with earlier work in computer programming languages that led to the sister-science of cognition.


The enormous resources of the Texas A&M Library permitted the synthesis of research in numerous fields, including Contextual Interference and Practice Skills, Cognitive Load Theory, Knowledge Organization, Naturalistic Decision Making, Situation Awareness, Adult Learning, Neuroscience, and Complex/Dynamic Systems.

“Fighter Pilots are going to LOVE this.

Anonymous Cognitive Engineering Researcher

Dr. Maier earned a Ph.D. at Texas A&M University in 2004 for his early work devising a concrete approach to measure & train the management of Cognitive Load of high-speed, high-consequence decision making.


He uses a traditional martial arts activity to generate time pressure and complexity, pushing human cognition to the edge of Overload. At that edge, practicing failure and recovery are all in a day’s work.

Herbert Maier,


“Engineering Of Cognition”

How Fast Am I?

Not as simple as it sounds. It’s not just reaction time. That’s when you know what’s coming & what you’re going to do. Your action is pre-loaded.


It’s different when you don’t know what’s coming or what you need to do. And then, it changes. Are you keeping up? It changes again, in a different way. Have you affected it? Re-assess. Repeat, repeat.


...And only five seconds have passed.