The Tactical Cognition Approach to Conflict Dominance






Who We Are.



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“In 2 minutes you’ve shown me what we hope cadets will learn in 4 years.”

Senior Instructor at a US War College

Tactical Cognition


Seeing alternatives & repeatedly making best available decisions in high-speed, high-consequence situations.

Conflict Dominance


USAF Col. John Boyd is famous for the OODA Loop. Dominance is commonly simplified as “Be Faster”. That’s not exactly what he meant. “How can I be faster than you?” is a different question. Dr. Herbert Maier’s research provides a way to make this both learnable & measurable.

Don’t Talk about It, DO It.


TactiCog LLC is not another talk seminar, or pen & paper exercise. You will learn and practice making interactive tactical decisions in fractions of a second (Real Time). You will interact with a live human partner, with all the Individual Differences and unpredictability that brings. No simulations, but also this is not “fight” training.

Half-Second OODA TM


Is the primary module of our training, setting groundwork  for two more modules in development.

“ M-16 is zeroed a little differently than yours.” — Brace E. Barber, 1999

Half-Second OODA TM


Trains specific methods of Cognitive Load Management, which means:

US Combatives

Need S/2-OODA’s Life-Saving Cognitive training.

People who know what he means will take to this training naturally, and start gaining the benefits promptly.

It’s a change of focus, a change in perception.